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We offer a full range of services in the groundwork, civil and construction sector, including:

Tarmac and Concrete Installation

MWH Groundworks provide solutions for residential and commercial jobs. We have a wealth of experience in using Asphalt, Bitmac and Tarmacadam. We also use a variation of concrete, determined by the nature of the job.

Gate and Fence Installation

Using the materials best suited to your job, MWH Groundworks provide gate and fence installation. Our services include Sports Pitch Surrounds, Decorative Railing Systems, Guard Rails, and Security Rails.

Septic Tank/Treatment Installation

MWH Groundworks provide septic tank and treatment installations in rural areas where mains drainage is often unavailable.

Formwork, Reinforcing and Concrete

At MWH Groundworks, we believe that reinforcement and formwork solutions are vital during the initial stage of development to maximise structural integrity and minimise risk exposure. We have experience in all types of formwork, including Beamform, using Steel Ground Beams and Pile Caps. We can complete all reinforced concrete works, including, but not limited to; full-concrete yards, utility bases, retaining walls.

Site Clearance

We have the skills to complete your site clearance for further construction, landscaping or for the site to be repurposed. We believe that all site clearance projects need to be carried out safely and carefully. Our other services, such as infrastructure works, can go hand in hand with site clearance. This can help clients achieve a more efficient process on their projects.

Infrastructure Works

At MWH Groundworks, we pride ourselves on our reputation within Infrastructure. Our dedicated team can provide the right solution for infrastructure projects including drainage, access roads, car parks, structures and more. We can complete your project from start to finish, right down to the final barriers and lighting.

Bulk Excavation and Earthworks

The team at MWH Groundworks are highly experienced in excavation and earthworks. Bulk excavation is invaluable for industrial, commercial and residential solutions, to ensure your site is at the right level and height before commencing your construction project. Our team can identify the type of ground and determine how easy or difficult it will be to dig. We have all the necessary machinery to make your job as cost-effective as possible while ensuring as little material as possible is wasted.

Trench Excavation

Our utility trenches provide a lasting and safe pathway for a variety of infrastructure needs, including, but not limited to:
Drainage Ducting
CCTV cabling
Street Lighting Cables

All-Weather Sports Pitches

MWH Groundworks has had the pleasure of constructing all-weather sports surfaces throughout Northern Ireland. With all the skills necessary, we can complete all installations and constructions from start to finish.


We are experienced in the installation and maintenance of drainage systems. Many of our projects have required drainage works, we use our knowledge and experience to facilitate an appropriate method of drainage throughout all our jobs.

Street Lighting

MWH Groundworks have on-going contracts maintaining and replacing street lighting poles, including all associated utility works and groundworks.